Argonauts of Kosmos

Argonauts of Kosmos


Produced: Julian Ray
Album Design: Katrin Ray

Argonauts of Kosmos

Cosmic / Ambient / New Age / Experimental
Copyright: 2010 Julian Ray
Release Date: June 24, 2010
UPC: 884502670479
Running time: 01:12:07
Tracks: 10

1. Golden Fleece Nebula 6:04
2. Deep Space Mission 7:00
3. Star Bridge 6:02
4. Subspace 6:40
5. Venus: Deep Forest 6:40
6. Infinity 10:00
7. Orion's Belt 7:02
8. Stardust 4:16
9. Milky Way 12:00
10. Argonauts of Kosmos 6:21

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The album is presenting the Space Journey of Argonauts of the New Era! This is a story of a starship “Argo Navis” and its mission of space exploration. As in ancient times legendary Jason and the Argonauts, Greek mythological heroes, went in their quest for the Golden Fleece, modern Argonauts of Kosmos are taking the adventure in a bigger scale with the same courage and spirit of exploration! This music was woven right from star stuff! Cosmic soundscapes and space textures in fusion with the individual melodic ambient freestyle depict the mystery and magnificence of the Cosmos and will take you on a journey of outer space exploration. Don't miss your chance to take part in the Great Space Adventure!



"...In the case of Argonauts of Kosmos it appears considerable effort was made to create interest and kindle the imagination since the musical landscape is a consistent medium to upper tempo atmosphere with prevailing keyboard melodies transmitting the radiant episodes...
...More importantly this over an hour long album is aglow in bright ambience and the deeply mysterious moments enhance the bold adventuresome qualities of the music without ever leaving one wanting more or stranded all alone in the twilight zone..."

John P. Olsen - New Age Music World


Album preview

Take a 12-minutes journey to Milky Way


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