Produced: Julian Ray
Album Design: Katrin Ray


Cosmic / Ambient / New Age / Electronic / Jazz
Copyright: 2011 Julian Ray
Release Date: November 30, 2011
UPC: 885767237537
Running time: 01:00:03
Tracks: 10

1. The Cradle of Mankind 8:28
2. Terra Incognita 5:04
3. Seeds of Life 5:04
4. Fire Element 5:07
5. Industrial Revolution 5:00
6. Man in Space 4:14
7. Flight to the Moon 6:36
8. Stars Are Calling 6:51
9. Firewell Earth 6:24
10. Solar Science 7:14

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The album is the authorís vision of the way that humanity went through from emerging as seeds of life brought to the earth from deep cosmos to thriving of mankind with passion for knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion and then returning back to the stars to start a new cycle of the evolution. The album is bringing its idea through melodic and powerful compositions with elements of jazz, rock, electronic, ambient and cosmic music.



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Solar Science


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