Mysterious Garden cover


Produced: Julian Ray
Album Design: Katrin Ray

Mysterious Garden

Ambient / New Age / Mystique
Copyright: 2012 Julian Ray
Release Date: August 30, 2012
UPC: 700261894768
Running time: 01:09:30
Tracks: 10

1. Mysterious Garden 9:12
2. Pool of Eternal Life 7:40
3. Astral Vision 5:42
4. Two Souls 5:23
5. Magic 6:20
6. Sweet Potion 3:54
7. In Mist of Immersion 9:08
8. Spirit Dance 5:16
9. Reflections 4:50
10. Revival 12:00

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Mysterious Garden is listed in "Best Electronic Albums – 2012" of New Age Music World !


Among millions of words it will be difficult to find even a few to describe those very thin feelings that come to us when we relaxed, peaceful, meditative... And this is when music becomes the bridge between souls to communicate something that can not be expressed by the words. "Mysterious Garden" is my creative musical vision of Mystery, hidden from an ordinary sight and busy minds, but open to everyone who can be calm and attentive. There are ten instrumental compositions in this album - ten mysterious stories of Love and Parting, Joy and Sorrow, Life and Death...



"For Canadian recording artist Julian Ray producing electronic music on todayís technologically advanced equipment is more than an excellent way to express the unlimited boundaries of oneís creativity and imagination. For Julian keyboards and synthesizers are essential instruments used to create sonic harmonies like heard on his newest album in 2012 titled Mysterious Garden. The 10 original songs are arranged in his signature style, which is remarkably unique and far from commonplace. Mysterious Garden is a new recording showing an array of Julianís unique style as a producer of ambient space music. Decisively dissimilar all from other electronic music composers..."

John P. Olsen - New Age Music World



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