Seashell Stories


Produced: Julian Ray
Album Design: Katrin Ray

Seashell Stories

Nu Jazz / Easy Listening / Instrumental
Copyright: 2008 Julian Ray
Release Date: August 14, 2008
UPC: 859700872857
Running time: 50:11
Tracks: 11

1. Alba Marina 5:16
2. Seashell Stories 4:28
3. Sea Voyage 4:45
4. Sandcastle 4:14
5. Coral Reef 3:52
6. Dolphins 4:18
7. Melodia Del Mar 5:24
8. Island 3:33
9. Sea Battle 2:50
10. Brigantine 5:10
11. Sailing Away 6:2

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The idea of the ‘Seashell Stories’ album is that each instrumental composition is a story told by a Seashell. You'll hear awakening songs of Sunrise at Sea and the call of a courageous Voyage. You will enjoy the Coral Reef and dance with Dolphins, relax with the smooth Melodia Del Mar and visit Treasure Island, hear sounds of a Sea Battle and then have a pleasant ride to Italian shores, Sailing Away.



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