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Sound library for film and video game productions

Enzymatic Synthesis


Release Date: August 2015
Copyright: 2015 Julian Ray

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8-bit Beats Extravaganza

150 seamlessly looped beats.
Action, weird, spooky, happy, creepy, fancy, groovy sounds
to bring dynamics and energy to any video game!

Format: WAV | Files: 150 | Quality: 44Khz/16bit
Total Size: 400 MB | BPM: 120





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audio preview 1

Audio-preview for '8-bit Beats Extravaganza' sound library

Enzymatic Synthesis


Release Date: August 2015
Creator: Julian Ray

8-bit Beats Extravaganza


30 seamlessly looped beats
for video game production

Format: WAV | Files: 30 | Quality: 44Khz/16bit
Total Size: 80 MB | BPM: 120


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons
Attribution 4.0 International License