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audio demo

demo track for Solar Science soundset

Solar Science


Release Date: May 2011
Copyright: 2011 Julian Ray
update: July 2015

Solar Science

100 presets for Image-Line Harmless
Pads FX Keyboards Leads

Soundscapes Strings Guitars

Organs Voices Basses Swells


Bonus: 10 beautiful pads





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SOLAR SCIENCE soundset was designed for everyone, who is working on Space, Ambient, Experimental, Electronica, Soundtrack musical projects and looking for new and fresh sounds. Drive your imagination from floating cosmic Soundscapes and FX sounds through twinkling Impulses and bright solar flare Keys to stellar Leads and deep space Organs - the whole Solar Spectrum is right at your fingertips...

SOLAR SCIENCE composition was created with some presets (except percussion)

from Solar Science soundset (without any additional effects or processing)